The One-Stop Health + Wellness Transportation Marketplace

Welcome to our Ride N Care’s Blog! We will be adding updates and important information about Ride N Care’s Health + Wellness Transportation Marketplace here! So check back often.

Let’s talk a little bit about access to healthcare for a moment.

The Ride N Care Marketplace - Who We Serve
The Ride N Care Marketplace – Who We Serve

What’s one of the biggest challenges to improving health + wellness outcomes for aging-in-place seniors, hospital discharge patients, people having outpatient procedures and follow-up care, clinical trial subjects and others with mobility limitations? Access to safe, reliable and cost-effective transportation.

Ride N Care is founder Danilo Toskovic’s solution. While working as a patient transport specialist for UCLA Medical Center, Danilo had a front row seat to observe how access to transportation can improve patient outcomes and ultimately, people’s lives. But Danilo also saw first-hand how few transportation options were actually available for people with mobility challenges, or for anyone who needs a little extra assistance to make sure they get where they are going – and safely home again.

Danilo founded Ride N Care to give folks who need assistance with their transportation and mobility challenges a one-stop solution: a place where both individuals – and the institutions that care for them – can turn to find the best transportation option at the lowest cost.

Give us a call at 1-800-507-0672 to get pricing, ask questions about our service network, or to schedule your ride today!