Seniors in California Have a Great New Legal Resource!

When you need legal help – and let’s face it, we all do from time to time – the first step in getting answers is finding the right legal resource to consult. But figuring out where to begin our search can often be the biggest hurdle. And for Seniors with limited resources, the challenge can be even more imposing.

Now, thanks to the California Bar Foundation, the charitable arm of the State Bar of California, Seniors across the state have access to a terrific new legal resource. “Seniors & The Law: A Guide for Maturing Californians” is a well researched and easy-to-navigate 16 page review of those areas of law that are likely to be of most interest to Seniors and their families. Set up as a series of FAQ’s with specific answers to each question – and even including references to the relevant California legal code sections where appropriate – this guide will be something every Senior wants to keep for reference today and in the future.

Seniors & the Law: A Guide for Maturing Californians

Topics discussed include:

  • Finances
  • Housing
  • Travel and Recreation
  • Health Care
  • Insurance (including Medicare, Medical and long-term care)
  • Employment
  • Transportation
  • Elder Abuse
  • Consumer Fraud
  • Family Law
  • Grandchildren and Extended Families
  • Where to find other low-cost or free legal resources

To get a free copy of “Seniors & The Law“, you can download a digital versionĀ from the California State Bar’s website (click here).

Or we will send you a free paper copy by regular US Mail! Just call our toll-free telephone line at 1-800-507-0672 and request yours today. Or you can send us a request by email to [email protected]. Either way, we’ll get your free copy out in the mail to you right away!